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Ian Renner Florida


Investing in Real Estate-How to Start on the Right Foot


To the everyday person, investing in real estate often means buying a home that he or she intends to live in. Eventually, if all goes as planned, the home mortgage would either be paid off and the person would now own a home with no monthly cost, or the owner would be able to sell the home at a gain with the ability to pay the remaining balance of the loan while making a profit. In this way, the home is a major investment in a person’s life, but not much of a gamble. Although buying a home can be unnerving for the new homeowner!


The real game begins, however, when a person chooses to invest in real estate, whether commercial or residential, that he or she has no intention of physically using himself for personal gain. Investments such as these would include buy a home and renting it out to others who would pay the mortgage on the owner's behalf. While this sounds like a secure investment, rental properties do not always end up in the ideal situation.


Ian Renner of Florida, a highly success real estate investor with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering explains, "You have to be mindful of all outcomes in an investment. When renting a residential property, for instance, you never know what type of tenant you may find yourself with. Obviously you choose who rents out your property and practice some level of discernment, but you also need the rent paid! There are many aspects to keep in consideration when entering into a real estate investment."


“One thing to consider would always be location,” Renner continues. “Look at the surrounding schools, the price of similar homes in the area and the number of vacant homes, etc. You want to find the perfect location for you investment. Especially when you are first starting to invest.”


Renner began his career in real estate in 1999, purchasing a commercial property with a small group of investors. "That's another thing to consider," Renner says, remembering his start in the real estate profession. "You may want to find some investors to partner with, at least initially. You will have to split profits, but you will also be relieved of much of the financial burden. This can make your first real estate transaction far smoother and less stressful."


Renner believes that real estate investment may not be for everyone, but people with a genuine interest and a true desire to learn can find a place for themselves in the real estate profession.



Ian Renner of Florida - Travel Enthusiast 

Ian is a real estate investor based in Orlando, Florida who is also know for being adventurous. He was once hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Ian says, "I spent days not moving! It's an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!". Ian  has been very successful as a real estate investor, and today owns a string of properties in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. Ian believes you should live life to the fullest, which is why he has become a very well-traveled man, who has had the experience of climbing an active volcano in Alaska, walking along the Great Wall of China, and gazing out over Machu Picchu in Peru. "I love to see how other people around the world live their daily lives," he says.

Ian Renner of Florida says that one of the main reasons he travels so much is that he loves to experience new cultures, and learn first-hand as much as he can about the world around him. He is a product of the University of Florida, where he earned an engineering degree as an undergraduate, and went on to grad school for a Ph.D. He says that his success has brought him a great deal of freedom to pursue those things that truly interest him, aside from his business interests. in civil engineering, which he received in 1990. He did not become a full time real estate investor until after buying out his partners in a Orlando apartment building, which he had bought into in 1999.


Ian Renner of Florida - Excited About Work


Ian Renner of Florida earned a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Florida in 1990. After working as a civil engineer for about ten years he began making real estate investments, and within a few years has switch careers to invest in real estate full time. He says that he has no regrets about making that move.


"I enjoyed my work as a civil engineer, but I absolutely love being a real estate investor," Ian Renner of Florida says today. "I think there is something basic to my personality that gets a lot of satisfaction in the hunt for the right property, and from rehabbing it, and then either filling it with tenants or selling it." There aren't too many people, he adds, who can honestly say that they wake up each morning excited about the work day that lies ahead for them.


He says that what he likes the most about real estate investing is that he is able to buy a hard asset, something tangible that has inherent value in and of itself, that not only increases in market value, but provides a steady income from renting it out. "That's what a good real estate property does. And it doesn't get much better than that, does it?"

He began with a small investment in 1999, and by now has built that into a string of apartment and commercial buildings in three Florida cities, including his hometown of Orlando. And his success has provided him with a great deal of flexibility in his work schedule. "I had to take a few months off last year, when my mother entered what turned out to be her final illness. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on business anyway. But it was so reassuring to me, knowing that I could devote most of my attention to my mother and have the business continue to run without me. How lucky I have been!"

Ian Renner of Florida - Get Rich Slow


Ian Renner of Florida says that he has always had a very good work ethic. It is something that sustained him throughout his college years and into his early professional life as a civil engineer. And he has applied this trait to his work as a real estate investor.

"I'm one of those guys who is willing to work hard in order to make more money," he says. He has been a fulltime real estate investor for many years now and has built himself a modest empire, owning a string of properties in Orlando, Florida, where he lives, and in Miami and Tampa.

Real estate investing, he explains, means get rich slow, not get rich quick. That notion has been his guiding principle ever since making his earliest real estate investments, when he went into a partnership with several other investors to buy an apartment building in Orlando in 1999. Ian Renner of Florida later bought out his partners, and parlayed the full ownership of that single building into the string of properties that he has today.

It takes a full management team to oversee the day to day operations of his properties, says Ian Renner of Florida. "I like being able to control my financial future, and that is one of the things that really draws me to real estate. He says that cannot be stressed enough: control. Real estate investing, he explains, should be treated as seriously as any other career. It takes months or years for any business to build a solid client base, and then have a life of its own. And he says that real estate investing needs to be treated the same way.



Ian Renner of Florida - He's Never Looked Back


Ian Renner of Florida says that when he began investing in real estate full time, he read everything about the subject that he could get his hands on. He studied civil engineering at the University of Florida and has a Ph.D., and says that reading about subjects that interest him is the way he has always gone about doing things.

He says that in real estate there are two types of interest at work. "By ‘interest' I mean an interest in land, which is the strict definition of real estate," he explains. There is ownership interest and leasehold interest. "Ownership interest is when you take full control of, and responsibility for, a property and its buildings," Ian Renner of Florida explains. "Leasehold interest is where you grant certain rights to a tenant in exchange for payment of rent."

The most common form of real estate investing, and what Ian Renner Florida very definitely prefers, is ownership interest, and then earning money from rent paid by his tenants. He says that ownership is a long-term proposition. The longer he holds on to a real estate property the better the chances it is going to appreciate considerably. And that translates into greater profits when he eventually sells the real estate, "Which I usually do."

Ian Renner of Florida thought long and hard before deciding to go into real estate fulltime. "I had a good, steady income as a civil engineer," he says. "But I knew the potential for much greater profits was there. I never go into anything hastily, and so I weighed all of the positives and negatives. And finally, of course, I decided to go for it. And I have never looked back."


Ian Renner Florida - Coin Collecting

Ian says that the coins of greatest interest are late Empire-era coins, especially brass or copper coins with a dragon enclosed in a circle on its observe side, which is the side with a coin's principal design. Also prized and highly sought-after are the provincial coins minted during that same period. Ian says that one of the prized coins in his collection is a 1903 silver dragon dollar from the Chihli Province, which is worth about six hundred dollars.

Ian is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned a Ph.D. Ian is also a real estate investor from Orlando, Florida, who has become wealthy over the last fifteen years through a series of shrewd, long-term real estate investments. As he knows, there is a difference between the face value of any coin, and the value that the same coin will have for a collector such as himself. To a collector, a coin is not something with a fixed value meant primarily for commerce.

Ian Renner Florida is most interested in Asian coins, and he has a number of them in his collection. in civil engineering in 1990. He owns a string of properties in Orlando, Tampa and Miami, and employs a management team to oversee the administrative details of operating the group of apartment and commercial buildings. He also pursues an interest in coin collecting, and says that his coin collection resides in a gray area somewhere between being an asset, and being a prized possession that intrigues him for its inherent value.

Lucrative Hobbies - How to Have Fun While Making an Investment!

Having an enjoyable pastime is a great way to release stress and keep the mind active. One of the main hesitations when starting a hobby though, can be the cost. Picking a sport and taking lessons, for instance, can drain your bank account quickly! This is true for learning to play an instrument, cooking classes or even taking up art.

While all of the hobbies mentioned above are often worthwhile, some may choose to find a hobby that has the potential to earn money in the long run. Collecting antiques, for instance, can be a hobby that keeps one active, and has the possibility of a large pay out with a small initial investment.

Ian Renner of Florida, a successful civil engineer, turned real estate investor, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florida began collecting rare coins several years ago. With so much on his plate, Renner explains that he wanted to find a pastime that he could involve his family in, and that would mean something to his children one day. It was important for him to find a tangible hobby that he could pass down to his children later in life.

Renner has found he has a particular interest in late Empire-Era Asian coins. Finding rare coins that meet his standards is thrilling for Renner and his children. He has made a point to teach his them what to look for as they search for coins to add to their collection.

Finding a hobby that can involve friends or family, and helps the collector gain knowledge on a particular topic makes the hobby worth the time and financial investment that may be involved.

It is never too late to find something that interests you! Looking into a hobby and getting started has never been easier than it is today. You can follow the link below for categories of hobbies that may interest you and tips to help you get you started!